4 Things You Didn’t Know About The Lamborghini Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster was initially shown to the public by the popular Italian car company in 2010. The vehicle features high-quality performance, establishing it as the standard for the super sports car sector.

What’s So Special About The Corvette C8 Convertible?

The all-new Corvette C8 Convertible is the latest addition to the successful line of sports cars produced by Chevrolet. The car is the perfect blend of powerful performance, high-tech features, and sleek styling. All this and more makes the Corvette C8 choice of many Americans and stands out in a highly competitive arena.

Why Do Most High-Performance Cars Have Rear-Wheel Driving Systems?

Most SUVs and sedans are equipped with a four-wheel-drive or an all-wheel-drive system. This means that all the wheels of the car receive power. However, many cars still use a two-wheel driving system. In a front-wheel driving system, the engine, transmission, and driving wheels are in the front of the vehicle. In rear-wheel-drive systems, a […]

Why Are Most Luxury Cars Automatic?

Manual cars are not as comfortable as automatic vehicles and they cause more stress and require more effort to drive.

How Does Your Car Impact Your Image?

Your car is an integral part of your day. Whether you drive it to work or drop your kids off at school in it, it’s undeniably an image-maker and creates an impressions. However, not all cars are the same. There will be marked differences between a person who drives a sedan or a luxury car. These […]

The Psychology of Luxury Car Rentals: 3 Considerations

There are a lot of variables that drive luxury car rentals. Chief among them is human psychology. At Diplomatic Exotic Rentals, we have been at the forefront of the luxurious car rental industry in Sin City for many years. This unique position has allowed us to better understand our consumers so that we continue to […]

5 Signs You’re in a Luxury Car

In the past luxury cars were defined by their speed and style. These features were exclusively marketed by old brands like Cadillac and Chryslers. Today, luxury cars include amenities and features that were unheard of before. Technological advancements have helped brands add a list of abilities that differ from car to car that are only […]

How To Prepare For Your Las Vegas Trip

7 Amazing Facts About Luxury Cars

Luxury cars are luxurious, but there is a lot more to them. Brands like Aston Martin, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, BMW, Audi, and Bentley don’t just add high-quality engines and surround sound systems to account for their high prices. They include over-the-top features that many of us would never have dreamed of before. If you want […]

King of Cars: Why Regular Cars Can Never Look as Cool as Lamborghini

Ever wonder why Lamborghini cars are so much more expensive than their competitors? Ever wonder why Lamborghini only sells a few thousand units every year and calls it a win when other companies are selling millions of units every year?