Here’s a List of Cars That Women Love Seeing Men Drive


If you had a dollar for every time someone told you that women love men who drive fancy cars, you’d have your own sports car by now. Now, we’re not going to debate the accuracy of said myth, but it is widely said that men with good cars are preferred over men with… well, not so good cars.

And no, this isn’t about how “expensive” a car is.

A good car—such as the Ferrari 488 Spyder—highlights good taste, exclusive hobbies, and the readiness of mind needed to handle such an elegant car. Not many men can carry it off well, and it’s the ones who do who are liked by women.

And if you’re wondering which of these cars is likeliest to make an impression on a woman, we’ve got you covered.

A Stylish SUV

SUVs are hallmarks of comfort and ease, especially since these cars tread through rough terrain without passengers feeling a thing. But when you add style to an SUV, you get a car like the Mercedes G63 Brabus Edition.

It’s a car that looks great, feels great, and drives great. It’s pretty tough-looking on the outside, but on the inside, it’s pretty comfortable.

A Sassy Sports Car

When you drive a sports car, you’re making several statements at once. You’re telling onlookers that you’re into high-end sports, and that you like spending your money on things that matter to you.

That’s always an attractive trait. Cars like the BMW M4 Convertible and the Nissan GT-R do exactly this: tell people that you’re serious about the cars that you drive.

Luxury and Exotic Cars

People don’t use luxury and exotic cars for everyday use (unless you’re Vito Corleone)—and women know this as well. So if you, a layperson, are going the extra mile to somehow acquire a luxury or an exotic car, it makes a bold statement.

Women—and other people—around you will know that you’re enthusiastic about cars, that you’re an unapologetic seeker of thrills, and that you like to drive in style. It tells other people that you’re sincerely into cars, and aren’t just some self-proclaimed car lover.

You’re putting effort into procuring a car you love, and you’re getting the best one to boot. After all, who wouldn’t be impressed if you went about Vegas driving a Rolls-Royse Ghost or a Bentley Continental GTC?

Can’t Afford These?

We know most people can’t afford these cars—which is why we strive to provide you the experience of driving them without the burden of buying or owning them. For a reasonable sum, you can rent these cars from us in Vegas, and have all the fun you want.

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