There’s a Reason Men Love Sports Cars


All the people who say men don’t feel have clearly never seen a man with his car. Remember grumpy old Eustace from Courage the Cowardly Dog? That man was mean and all, but he sure did love his truck—sometimes even more than his wife.

And There Might be Factual Data to Prove It

The Kelly Blue Book states that there’s a difference in men and women’s requisites when it comes to buying cars. Men go for horsepower of 360 on average, whereas women average at 170.

Strong machines have always held a special appeal for men, whereas the same can’t be said with similar conviction for women.

Yes, Yes, There’s Masculinity Involved

Let’s address the elephant in the room: yes, some part of this does have to do with men being men. Sitting behind the wheel and controlling a powerful machine does have its appeal. It makes us feel more in control, helping us make feel less insecure about ourselves.

In a culture that places constant expectations of “toughness” and tenacity on men, driving power vehicles makes us feel more grounded.

Marker of Success and Responsibility

Cars are also a marker of success. Buying your own vehicle is a milestone that makes us feel good about ourselves. Moreover, having to maintain and look after a car also bolsters our personal development. We come out of the chore more mature and responsible, since we have a pet that we need to worry about all the time.

Men are guilty of developing emotional attachments with our cars. We say this at the expense of offending our partners, but our cars were our first love.

Fun fact: some men even name their cars!

It’s Impressive and Powerful

For most men, a car is a status symbol. It makes us more socially acceptable. Then of course there’s the power element. Thousands of pounds of power right at our fingertips—of course we love it. It’s our Michael Bay’s Transformers guilty pleasure.

High performance cars are an instant attraction for men. There are few men in the world who would look at a beauty such as an Audi R8 Spyder and not salivate.

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