Drive Around Vegas in a Bentley!

Who hasn’t heard of the Bentley? This is a car that comes with all the goodness of vintage aesthetics and all the power of modern speed and strength, packed solidly into one. The Bentley is truly a two-door wonder, with ample space for a leisurely drive around Vegas, your hair high in the air. Few other cars could be as perfect for Las Vegas as the Bentley—which is why we allow you to rent them! Diplomat Exotic Rentals has been the one-stop shop for luxury and exotic cars for car enthusiasts in Las Vegas. With additional services such as delivery, pickup, and airport meet and greets we pack a powerful punch as one of Vegas’ leading luxury car rentals. Whether you require an exotic car for an important business trip and need to leave an impression or are an aficionado, we’ve got you.

Bentley Continental GTC


Make: Bentley

Model: Continental GTC

Type: 2 Door

Class: Luxury Car

Horsepower: 500

Ft-Lbs: 487

0-60: 4.6 seconds

24 Hour Rate: $799

4 Hour Rate: $499