Why Do People Love Ferraris?


There’s barely a person in the world who doesn’t know what a Ferrari is. It’s more than just a recognizable car brand—it’s a recognizable brand overall. Even people who aren’t into cars can tell you what a Ferrari is and what a Ferrari is like: it’s sleek, seductive, and speedy.

And people unconditionally love it!

But what’s so great about that prancing horse?

Why Do People Love the Ferrari?

Enzo Ferrari once said that he just builds engines and attaches wheels to them. Now that isn’t entirely true, because the Ferrari is so much more than an engine on wheels. It’s an absolute powerhouse, a beast of speed, a beauty to look at, and probably one of the most impressive machines ever built by humans.

For Starters: It’s All About the Car: Ferrari has never given much thought to advertising and marketing. In fact, their campaigns are usually tame and subtle. All their work goes into the F1 race—and that’s how people know, even without ads, that this is the car of their dreams.

Limited Production: For a car that’s so unanimously lauded, it’s shocking that production is limited to only a few thousand wheels per year. But this limited production also means that the car is super exclusive, and that a lot of care goes into making each one. It also makes the cars rarer, which adds to their exotic appeal.

And it Doesn’t Get Better than the Spyder

The latest in Ferrari world is the 488 Spyder—and absolute treat. Not only is it absolutely breath-taking to look at, but it also comes endowed with great automotive gifts and powers. This exotic car is a 2-Door convertible with a 3.9L V8 twin turbo and a horsepower of 660hp at 8,000 rpm. Add a torque of 516 ft-lb at 3,000 rpm, and you get a car that stops for nothing. And of, course, there’s the icing on the cake: it has a top speed of 207mph.

Still Don’t Know Why the Ferrari is Special?

To be honest, we don’t blame you. We can talk and talk about the universally acknowledged greatness of Ferrari, but the truth remains: the best way to know what’s so special about a Ferrari is to drive one. And with the services of Diplomat Exotic Car Rentals on your side, you can now experience one in Vegas anytime you want.

We offer a wide range of Ferraris to choose from. Just reach out to us and we’ll guide you where to go with your Ferrari from here!

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